Upcoming Classes Term 4 2015

I have been registered to attend Term 4 (April 27, 2015 – July 5, 2015)

I will be taking:

MBA-503-G4008 Financial Reporting – MANCHESTER – Mondays, 6-9:30pm

This course is designed to help future business leaders across all functional areas appreciate and understand the rules and regulations, processes and procedures, and significance of financial accounting statements and reports. It provides a balanced presentation between how statements are prepared and, more importantly, how to analyze these statements and footnotes to assess a company’s performance within the industry and management’s performance within a particular company. New government regulations have made the integrity and quality of financial accounting information everyone’s responsibility. This course will help future business leaders conduct better internal audits, improve forecasts and valuations, and make better management decisions.

MBA-610-G4057 Business Law – MANCHESTER – Wednesdays, 6-9:30pm

This course focuses on the theory and application of business regulations and the laws of contracts, agency, property and business organizations. Background preparation: 3 credit hours in business law or the equivalent.